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Buy ayurvedic supplements and medicines produced by Baba Ramdev�s Patanjali Ayurveda. Get effective and long lasting treatment for all chronic disease naturally.

Patanjali Ayurvedic Products

Buy ayurvedic supplements and medicines produced by Baba Ramdev�s Patanjali Ayurveda. Get effective and long lasting treatment for all chronic disease naturally.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

High Bilirubin Levels? Get Jaundice Treatment The Natural Way!

When the bilirubin levels in the blood increase beyond acceptable levels, then they start to seep into the neighboring tissues and leave a yellowish tint on the body. This yellow tinge can be seen on the skin and the white portion of the eye. Bilirubin collects in the liver in large quantities when there is an enormous breakdown of RBC’s in the liver. Bilirubin is a waste, yellow chemical product in the liver and excess of this can show up as jaundice. 

In normal course the RBC break down in a natural manner and are replaced by new cells that the body keeps building. In this breakdown, the hemoglobin in the blood releases iron and bilirubin. The iron is used by the body and the liver normally throws out the bilirubin with the help of bile. If the RBC gets destroyed rapidly then the bilirubin is not removed and starts to collect in the body and this can lead to jaundice. Jaundice may also be caused by yellow fever, tuberculosis, malaria and typhoid.

Ayurvedic Medicine For Jaundice

Jaundice causes extreme body fatigue, pale colored stools, yellowness of eyes, tongue, skin, dark urine, fever and headaches. The liver region of the body becomes inflamed and tender to touch and the patient often experiences abdominal pain. This may also be accompanied by extreme scratchiness and itching. There has to be a reason why the body has contracted jaundice and the underlying cause of this hepatic condition needs to be assessed. When the cause of this condition is treated the jaundice will automatically start to dissipate.

Just look into your kitchen and grab those lush green radish leaves. These leaves are immensely beneficial in treating jaundice. Lemon juice and tomato juice with a dash of salt has also shown a lot of benefits in this condition of liver. Try to take a vegetarian diet and drinking sugarcane juice with crushed basil to feel better. Barley water, proper diet and lots of rest are the mantra for treating jaundice. Deep breathing of fresh air can also provide relief from this condition.

You can try out the ramdev ayurvedic medicine for jaundice as it is an effective and safe remedy. The package contains ayurvedic remedies that have been prepared from herbal extracts that are chosen from the midst of nature.  Baba ji advices Divya Sarvkalp Kwath, a herbal tea to improve the basic functioning of the liver. This also helps taper the secretion of bilirubin levels by reducing it to acceptable quantities. 

The Divya Arogayavardini Vati also protects the body from liver related disorders and other diseases. Another therapy suggested at this time is the Divya punarnavadi mandoor that provides nutrition to the liver supplementing it with proper nutrients and vitamins and gives the organ the strength to perform better and more effectively. The productions of RBCs are also improved with the help of this herbal therapy. The circulation of blood is improved and the oxygenated blood is carried smoothly to different parts of the body. There is a herbal capsule prescribed by Ramdev called Aadiliv and this helps in improving liver functioning.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Disrupting Natural Process Of Defecation? This Can Lead To Constipation

A large population in the world complains of hardened stools and is bothered by the acute effort they make in defecating their bowels. The people have had these long lasting symptoms that have been prevalent in their body since long, and their condition often leads to stomach discomfort and irritability. This discomfiting stomach condition is called constipation. This disorder also causes nausea, abdominal swelling, vomiting and maybe weight loss, in some cases. 

Women often complain of constipation during pregnancy. This happens because of a hormonal upheaval and it may also occur because the uterus starts to put pressure on the intestine as the baby bulk increases. Any kind of disturbance in the daily routine can lead to constipation. People often resort to laxatives to lubricate their stools but in the long run these artificial stool softeners lead to nerve damage in the colon cells. 

Never ignore the urge to defecate, though there are plenty of people who tend to avoid going to public toilets for bowel movement. Constipation may also be a result of endocrinal or metabolic disorders, neurological diseases, or other bodily conditions. This distorts the natural reflex action of the anus, colon and rectum.

Symptoms of the problem include dry stools that can be very painful and difficult to remove from the rectum. Delay in defecation makes a person very uncomfortable because of abdominal pain and nausea. The stomach also swells up and the person feels a loss of appetite. Constipation can take a serious turn in the form of rectal prolapsed, hemorrhoids, bloody stools, anal fissures and a lot more.

Constipation can be treated with home remedies like ginger tea and an exercise routine daily. Eating fruits with peels and others like guavas with seeds adds to the roughage in the body and it can relieve a person from hard stools. The diet should include lots of fruits and other vegetables to smoothen the stools. Having honey in warm water or with milk can also help in this condition. Having raisins, isabgol, castor oil, also regulates bowel movement. 

Constipation may be chronic or it may be occasional. Increasing age also affects bowel movements. The moment you feel difficulty in passage of stools, you need to increase the fluids and fiber content in the diet. Try to monitor your diet. A new weight loss regime or excess of fried foods may also trigger constipation. Reports state that caffeine, alcohol, processed and extra high-fat foods lead to this uncomfortable stomach condition.

Take in fluids that have nutritive value along with lots of water as artificial beverages dehydrate the body and make the stools hard. The metabolism slows down dramatically with a lack of exercise. Ecercise helps in improving digestion and the stools are softened enough to slip out through the rectum. Painkillers may also lead to difficulty while defecating and at this time a supplement or stool softener becomes necessary. 

You can improve constipation with ayurvedic treatments such as Baba Ramdev medicine for constipation. These include Divya Triphala churna and Divya Udarkalpa churna that hydrate the stool and make it move easily through the intestines to finally go out of the anus.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Swollen And Inflamed Lungs - Find Out Reasons For Wheeze And Cough

Have you been recently diagnosed with a breathing difficulty or have you ever assisted a person who faces anguish because of respiratory distress? This gruesome and difficult respiratory disorder is called asthma. It is common amongst people but it needs to be treated and controlled with appropriate medication, for a person to live a normal life.

Baba Ramdev Asthma Medicine
Asthma is caused by an acute swelling in the tissue and muscle lining of the lungs, which leads to a severe narrowing of the airways. Patients that include men, women and children of all age groups often have to resort to nebulizers and inhalers to be able to breathe well. The asthma may have set in during childhood or it may be adult onset asthma, but both these asthma conditions lead to respiratory distress and demand medical treatment and care so that the patient can breathe easier. An asthmatic can also opt out for Baba Ramdev asthma medicine which offers safe and effective treatment with the help of remedies prepared out of herbal extracts.

You can prevent asthma emergencies with the help of timely treatment, just learn about the symptoms and trigger factors that lead to this stage. Asthma is a life threatening condition especially if the attack is very severe so you need to always have an emergency plan on hand, so that you can give help right away. The moment you notice the signs of a cough, itch, dryness, sneeze or wheeze, start to carefully monitor the condition of the patient, and thwart the attack on time. 

Allergens need to be kept away from the patient at all costs as they can trigger off a severe attack anytime. These triggers are like pet dander, pollen grains, cold weather and infections. Having a post nasal drip, sinusitis and a food reflux can also lead to an asthma attack, so be careful at all times.

If you suffer from asthma never touch a cigarette or come in contact with smoke. Smoking will make the wheeze your best friend and you will end up serious breathing problems and a permanent damage to your lungs. Asthma may also be a result of infections in the respiratory tract or strong medications. You can get conventional treatment with the help of laboratory medications and keep the coughing and wheezing under control but you can also take the safe ayurvedic way out. 

Bronchitis is best controlled with the help of the herb enriched Divya Sitopaladi choorna prepared by Baba Ramdev. It keeps the coyrza production under control with the help of natural herbs. You can keep respiratory diseases under control with this remedy. Divya Trikatu Choorna contains herbal extracts that help in controlling asthma, Coryza, rhinitis and sinusitis.

The safe products keep the body free from reactions and also keep the airways unblocked and clear. This therapy strengthens the respiratory organs making them perform better .Another very good therapy made out of organic herbs is Divya Swasari Ras that relieves difficult breathing and treats common problems like cold, cough, bronchial asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Take The Herbal Routine To Treat Acidity

Ayurvedic Medicine For Acidity

Sometimes the digestive process leaves behind an excess of digestive acids in the stomach. This hydrochloric or gastric acid leads to symptoms like nausea, bloated stomach, gas formation, stomach ache, bad breath and vomiting. This can affect people of all ages and is termed as acidity. Normally this acid imbalance occurs when the pancreatic enzymes are unable to match up to the amount of the acids.

Acidity also happens when the person has an

  • erratic lifestyle,
  • consumes heavy, fried and spicy foods,
  • takes undue stress,
  • has a sedentary lifestyle,
  • there is lack of exercise in daily routine,
  • Excess or consumption of alcohol or smoking intake

At times like this sip on cold water to flush out and neutralize the effects of the stomach acids. Start the day with a glass of lukewarm water and end the day with the same. When you are eating food it is imperative that you do not take water during or right after food. This will lead to acidity and indigestion.

For instant relief one can suckle on the soothing basil leaves to settle down the nausea, acidity and gastric symptoms. Basil has been used since olden times for its carminative properties. Chew on them and feel the natural juice slip through your throat, this will instantly settle the signs of acid upset. You can even simmer the leaves in hot water and then sip it for relief. Do it more than once!

Another very effective treatment is to settle the stomach gas with the help of naturally ground cinnamon powder. Make it in a tea form and sip it to feel better. Yogurt or buttermilk is also a very good medium to neutralize the rising acid levels in the stomach. When fenugreek seeds are ground and added to buttermilk it can help treat stomach aches very effectively.

You don’t have to go far; your kitchen is a storehouse for curative therapies. Whether it is apple cider vinegar, cloves, garlic, coriander seeds, fennel, or cumin seeds, you have all these in the kitchen and can start your home treatment right away, instead of popping antacids in your mouth.

Home remedies are effective and even ayurvedic treatments agree on their use. Anything natural is helpful for the body. Cold milk is an effective and definite treatment for acidity and this also helps in the digestive process. Baba Ramdev’s ayurvedic medicine for acidity prompts the immune system to work better and improves the digestive system improving its functioning.

The pack contains Divya Mukta Sukti Bhasm, Divya Avipattikara Churna, Divya Moti Pisti , and KamDudha ras. These natural products help in treat acid reflux and help treat digestive complications and acidity symptoms. People who have been suffering from many years can feel a great amount of relief with the help of herbal extracts that have medicinal properties. The production of the pancreatic enzymes is improved and the amount of hydrochloric acid and pancreatic juices are balanced in the stomach with the help of Baba Ramdev’s acidity treatment. These natural therapies also make sure that the organs of the digestive system are supplied with proper nutrition.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Irritable And Painful Piles? Walk The Natural Path

The walls of anus and rectum are full of blood vessels that start to bleed the moment they are touched or manipulated. This happens at the area where arteries that are encased by connective tissue and muscles, blend into the veins. When the hemorrhoids or piles lead to itching, inflame and cause a lot of bleeding and pain they need attention. 

Hemorrhoids are there in the body but they spell trouble only when they inflame, become itchy and cause hassles. The small vessels in the area start to engorge with blood and they swell up leading to a lot of pressure to the area. The vessels that are actually smaller in size end up increasing in their girth and become tender to touch.

Ayurvedic Medicines For Piles

Patients who are suffering from piles normally take a low fiber diet and may also suffer from constipation. They have to strain hard to pass their stool and encourage bowel movement. The strained bowel activity often strains and puts undue pressure on the blood vessels and they start to bleed. Women often complain of piles when they are pregnant because the muscles of anal and rectal region become weak due to bodily and hormonal changes. 

People who live a sedentary lifestyle, and those who sit for a prolonged period on the toilet seat, end up applying extensive force to the area and they end up agitating the hemorrhoid blood vessels. Acute and chronic diarrhea patients and those people who have had a rectum surgery in the past may also complain of this problem. Try to keep that weight down because obesity is also one of the main causes of piles.

A huge number of people, normally those who fall in the age group of 45-65 are affected by piles. Piles, may travel down families or it may occur due to prolonged standing and sitting postures, constipation, low fiber diet, gravity, obesity, pregnancy, heavy weight lifting, or food allergies. You can obtain natural relief with Baba Ramdev ayurvedic medicines for piles. The sight of the blood clumps, or clots, bleeding, during defecation can be very traumatic for a person. The sudden urge to defecate even when there is no excreta, and an irritation or pain in the anus can be extremely troublesome for anyone, so do not neglect piles and get them checked right away. 

You can try and settle the irritated hemorrhoid by applying an ice pack to the affected area for a little while. After 10-15 minutes the person can feel a relief in pain. Try this remedy a number of times during the day and breathe a sigh of relief from pain. The blood vessels constrict the moment they touch ice and the inflammation will reduce to a great extent.

You can even apply a small dollop of aloevera gel to the painful and irritated area. This will reduce the irritation and burning to a great extent. Chilled aloe vera pieces applied to the affected area are even more helpful.

Applying a cotton ball that has been soaked in lemon juice helps in strengthening the blood vessel walls and the small capillaries in the area and also supplements the area with nutrients. This may hurt a little but be patient for the results. Apple cider vinegar and witch hazel also help in piles.

Friday, 6 January 2017

What Makes Ramdev Medicine For Diabetes So Much Effective?

Do you know what the leading problem in today’s arena for most people is? Perhaps it is diabetes. Yes it is a true fact that diabetes has also now become as common as back pain, cold, cough or flu. It may be due to change in the eating habits as well as lifestyle of people that has made them patients of this incurable disease. Diabetes may be categorized into Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. The difference lies in the fact that Type 2 is insulin resistant whereas Type 1 is cause due to insufficient production of insulin hormone in the body. Irrespective of the type of diabetes, it may affect anyone at any time. Contrary to prevalent myth, diabetes is not caused due to excessive sugar intake. Rather it is caused due to malfunctioning of the pancreatic beta cells in the body. That is why insulin production is affected in an adverse manner. 

Diabetes management

Diabetes can be managed by opting for a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Also the patient needs to make some changes in his/her routine habits so that frequent attacks of diabetes may be prevented. To keep blood sugar level under control, use of medicines is also necessary. Ramdev medicine for diabetes cure is an effective treatment option. In fact, it is one among the most excellent cures available for diabetic patients. 
Ramdev Medicine For Diabetes

Now one may wonder why Ramdev medicine for diabetes cure is so effective. It is owing to presence of numbers of herbal or other naturally occurring constituents in this medicine. Popularly, this medicine is known as Divya Madhunashini Vati. It means one that destroys sugar and sugar craving in the human body. 

Reasons for effectiveness of Ramdev medicine for diabetes cure

i. Numbers of herbal constituents are present in this medicine that all combined aid in controlling the excessively high level of blood glucose or sugar in the body.

ii. It helps in maintaining normal level of insulin in the body. This in turn aids in complete oxidation of sugar or glucose into energy. 

iii. The pancreatic beta cells are also stimulated by the herbal constituents present in this medicine to keep on producing insulin hormone in requisite and normal levels. 

iv. Recurrent infections in diabetic patients are also treated and prevented in an automatic way using this herbal medicine that has been made available by the renowned pharmacy of Baba Ramdev Ji. 

v. The body is also detoxified completely aided by this medicine. As a result, toxic substances are also removed from the urine so that kidneys may perform their normal functions well. 

vi. Problems related to the eyes and vision in diabetic people is also managed well using this medicine. Again it is due to control over blood sugar levels.

vii. Various symptoms that appear in all diabetic people are also kept at bay with the regular and prescribed use of this amazing herbal medicine.

Using Ramdev medicine for diabetes cure under the supervision of medical experts helps diabetic patients to improve their overall health and well-being in a safe way.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Improve Your Sex Drive With Ram Dev Treatments

Frigidity is the specific health condition when the sexual partners are unable to get satisfaction from the sexual activities. Lack of excitement and loss of desire for sexual intercourse may be termed as frigidity. Such particular conditions discourage the sexual partners and the women in particular from responding to the sexual appeals. There are different causes for this problem that include pathological, physiological and psychological. Anxiety, stress, fear, depression and feelings of guilt regarding sexual activities are the major causes of frigidity. Those suffering from this disorder complain of lack of enjoyment during sex despite the fact that the opposite partner is quite active and attractive.

Herbal Medicines For Female Frigidity

Though there are hundreds of medicines for treatment of frigidity, yet the ayurvedic system has proved its worth by providing suitable formulations for the patients. They are at zero risk whereas few of the traditional medicines may prove harmful because of their side effects. Baba Ramdev ayurvedic medicine for Frigidity is one of the wonderful compounds that not only treats the patients but also strengthens their sexual organs in a big way.

Why the patients prefer Yoga Guru’s medicine - Prepared with the herbal components, the frigidity medicine introduced by Swami Ram Dev works wonders. It contains the organic ingredients that are free from any toxins or disease-causing agents. The users are at zero risk while few of the traditional medicines may lead to complications. This medicine is able to treat the patients in natural manners without affecting them in any adverse manners.

How this medicine is prepared – Good manufacturing practices are followed in making Baba Ramdev herbal medicines for female Frigidity. Likewise the ayurvedic principles are also adhered to in strict manners. Safety checks at different stages are also followed during the preparation process of this medicine that reaches the users in safe and intact manners. They do not find any inconvenience by using this medicine that is free from any harmful effects.

Swami Ram Dev recommends the following simple tips that also act as strong medicines for curing frigidity in reliable manners:

a. Lifestyle suggestions – Use of herbs like sage, anise, fennel and parsley etc. is greatly useful to increase sexual desire in the patients and the women in particular. Fresh juices / fruits, prunes, almonds, figs, pistachios and raisins etc. are also quite effective in treating frigidity. Massaging the body with sesame oil helps to restore back the muscular energy and trigger the nerves for carrying out physical activities including sexual intercourse. Abstinence from excessive alcohol, smoking, tea, coffee and packaged foods etc. are also much helpful.

b. Home remedies – Sexual drive can be improved in great manners with powdered winter cherry that may be taken with milk on regular basis after the menstruation periods. Consuming powdered banyan tree with milk and boiled grated ginger in milk may also prove its worth in a big way.

The above simple tips and positive thinking can act as Baba Ramdev herbal medicines for female Frigidity that treats the disease without leading to any complications.